The Big Review


The “Daily Vapes” Experience

- By Big Jon

"1st off I want to start by saying I hate reviewing ANY juice … As we all know taste is subjective and differs from user to user. Myself I smoked stinkes for some 20+ years so I’m fully aware my taste buds are mostly dead. So what I taste in a juice will be TOTALLY different to what you might taste.

So lets go through the whole process from finding out about “Daily Vapes” to filling up my tank and taking my 1st lung full.

The times we live in lets face it everyone is looking for a good deal, a way to do what ever it is they’re doing now for less. Everyone is pinching the pennies. I know I for one am always checking out the various Facebook pages and apps to see what deals are around so when I heard about Daily Vapes I figured it had to be worth a look.

Where did I hear about Daily Vapes E-liquid

Found on the Approved Vapers Facebook page I’ll admit I was sceptical when I saw the price as I imagine most are - £3.49 for a 60ml shortfil and free nic shot but people were being nice about their juice so why not. Kerry Kizzy and the team at approved vapers do not just add any old vendor as an “Approved Vendor” – so the fact they’re already on there gave me hope.

Clicked the link to their website -

It’s a “no frills” website – direct to the point, list of flavours – the 4 for £14.99 deal. Description of each flavour profile is spot on so you know what you’re buying. Obviously subscribe to their newsletter as it’s possible they will have deals that make the juice even cheaper !!!

  • Adding my juice selection to the order was incredibly simple. The website was super fast and clean
  • Placing the order was easy and you can pay with PAYPAL which makes things safe and simple for most of us.
  • Almost an instant email through confirming my order was placed. (I placed my order on a Sunday night so wasn’t expecting next day shipping)
  • Monday I got an email confirming the order had been shipped, It arrived Wednesday (clearly a RoyalFAIL issue)


  • I was actually impressed with the packaging.
  • If you live in a house/flat with a normal post box in your front door – you will NEVER miss a delivery from Daily Vapes. The package is 100% letterbox friendly. YES your dog might try and eat it but it’s defo going through your letterbox. This was the smallest package I’ve ever received 360ml of juice in, and as a bonus there was no damage at all to the juice . I guess as it’s wasn’t really a big box parcel it could just go with the postman and his letters rather than in the back of a parcel van.

Opening the package

  • Once open inside I found letterbox/pocket friendly thin bottles and my 6 nic shots (note – I only ordered my juice in 3mg. Not 100% sure how they would have squeezed another 6 nic shots in the box had I ordered 6mg)

**a nice touch might be a Daily Vapes sticker in the box with your order or a vape band for those tank users but that’s just hunting for free stuff**

Adding the nic shots

  • The nozzles on these bottles are old school and they grip the bottle really well. Downside to that is getting the buggers off.. As I remember from back in the day either a spoon/knife under the outer lip and lever them off OR grab your plyers and squeeze the nozzle pull (note – the plyers method does squash the nozzle slightly but I found works the best)
  • Once you get nozzle off the bottle adding the nic shot is nice and quick and there’s no mess (as long as you’re careful)

Now the bit we’re all really interested in..


As I mentioned what seems a LONG time ago – I ordered 360ml of juice so that’s 6 x 60ml bottles @ 3mg and being sensible I ordered 6 different flavours to give this line a fair shot.

Before I get started on the juice review….

All juices were tested in the same RTDA and a re-wick was done before each juice was tested.

Mod – Hcigiar Wild Wolf (set at 120watts) 

RTDA – Steamcrave Aromarizer Plus (with 5ml glass – dual fused claptons 0.14 ohms)

Apex Mod Co cotton laces - 

Moo Moo Mods custom Drip Tip - 

So the flavours I bought and my thoughts….

**At no point on the website or their Facebook group do they claim these juices are “clones” of the original juice. So I’ve purposely NOT compared them to the juices I think they’re meant to be similar too** (and yes below I DO reference 2 well know juices but it’s not a comparison I promise)

All juices have been tried and tested by me less than 24 hours after receiving they so have no additional steep time


Daily Vapes Flavour Profile – “Red berries, eucalyptus and menthol.  Menthol lovers dream.”

My Thoughts – Lets be realistic – the juice this is based on is ICONIC in the vaping industry. To me the Menthol/Eucalyptus comes through a little too much and the red berries is lost in the background. Overall a pleasant vape if you love that menthol/eucalyptus hit and have a cold you need to shift or a serious case of vaper tongue.

Rating – 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐ (I think with NicShot added a weeks steep might just bring out the flavour of the berries but only time will tell)

Summary – Tough one this. I don’t think it’s fair to give an opinion until it’s had a little more steep time with the nicshot in. I can see this being very nice “IF” the berries punch through a little more.

Kanzee Krush

Daily Vapes Flavour Profile – “Juicy watermelon, ripe strawberries and kiwi, well balanced and blended to create a perfect all day vape for any fruit lover”

My Thoughts – This honestly reminded me of the early days of me mixing my own juices and trying every Kanzi recipe I could find – a perfect blend of Strawberry, Watermelon and Kiwi, but always felt there was something missing  (remember it’s NOT a Kanzi clone so the marshmallow isn’t there). Once I got over the “something’s missing” feeling I really enjoyed the juice. Flavour is not strong but it is well balanced. Again I think add the nicshot and steep for a week and you’ll be golden.

  • I would note I also tested this juice as it was the one I REALLY wanted to try with a goon 1.5 on a Broadside mech mod dual fused Clapton 0.10 build ut felt the results were the same as the above.

Rating – 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Summary – I’d love the flavour to be a little stronger just personal preference. Only marked down by 0.5 as it’s not a Kanzi clone and I miss the marshmallow otherwise – this WILL be on my next order

Grape Slush

Daily Vapes Flavour Profile – “A sweet delicious grape slush puppy with ice

My Thoughts – I learnt a valuable lesson with this juice **READ THE FLAVOUR PROFILE** - I’m not a huge fan of “ice” juices and although the ice is subtle and doesn’t give you brain freeze it DOES sneak up on you.. On the inhale I loved the grape and the sweetness of the juice.. to me it was the same on the exhale BUT…. On the next inhale or just AIR my throat froze up (this is when he realised he %^*&ed up).

Rating 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Summary – if you like a nice sweet grape with a subtle yet rather cooling icy touch this is bang on for you.

Mint Shake

Daily Vapes Flavour Profile – “A smooth mint thick-shake with hints of caramel and topped with fresh whipped cream”

My Thoughts – Not a lot I can say about this one – Flavour profile is bang on – and I’m ordering some more.. nuff said I think

Ok more seriously.. The mint is super smooth and mixed very well with the cream. I didn’t get the caramel come through personally but I’m kinda glad about that.

Rating – 4.9/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Summary – not needed. Buy it vape it buy more!!

Custard Creams

Daily Vapes Flavour Profile – “Classic British biscuit, silky smooth custard filling sandwiched between light biscuit

My Thoughts – The smell of this I found to be nothing like it tasted which was very strange. Biscuit juices I feel are one of the harder things to make and get right. I see what was tried here but I think it’s a little lite on the biscuit – that or needs about another 2-3 weeks steep. This one I’m going to put in the cupboard and come back to it in about 3-4 weeks see if the biscuit bit comes through more.

Rating 2/5 ⭐⭐

Summary – possibly needs more steeping before it’s sold OR more biscuit base flavour.

Purple Rain

Daily Vapes Flavour Profile – “Blackberry and dark fruit mix with a menthol kick

My Thoughts – I was really worried about this one as Blackberry can be a massively over powering flavour but on this occasion it’s not.. this is a really well mixed balanced juice and the menthol to it is pleasant it’s not there to blow your socks off.  Almost made me think of a darkfruit cider drink with a I nice menthol hint on the exhale.

Rating – 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Summary – on a nice hot summers day (or Spring as it’s getting nice out now) – a beer garden a pint of cider or 2 and a tank full of Purple Rain – I honestly can’t think of a better combo.

Overall Summary of Daily Vapes E-liquid

From the initial contact with the company right the way through to….well now I guess as I’m sat here vaping away on Purple Rain my experience with Daily Vapes has been excellent. Customer service to the level that I’d expect from a much larger company. They have that small company family feel to their service yet looking at the “I’ve received my delivery” Facebook posts they have a lot of new customers and have kept up remarkably well..

I’ve been converted from a sceptic to certainly a new customer for Daily Vapes I can’t wait to see what new lines they add to the juice range as time goes on, but I’m sure if they continue with the same standard we see now only amazing things can come from this.

Quick pro’s and Con’s

Pro’s –

  • Great value for money
  • Letterbox friendly packages
  • Good flavour from the juices (that I’ve tried)
  • Responsive on Facebook and messenger
  • Great customer focused service.

Con’s – understand these are personal cons nothing serious

  • ONE or my 6 bottles ordered the Lid does not tighten up so I can’t take that juice out and about with me.
  • Steeping times I feel could be longer before sale
  • I felt the need to type up this massive review that no one other than me will ever read (ok that’s not their fault but I needed something else down here didn’t I ??)

I think If I’d like to see anything from Daily Vapes going forward it’d probably be a 50/50 range or an option for a 50/50 nicshot to make the juice closer to 60/40. With POD systems and MTL still being a big thing in the industry it’s an area that often gets neglected and with the flavours they offer here I think that’s a corner of the market they could easily cater too.

That’s enough from me.

- Big J"

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1888 reviews
Best Seller Pack
Fred Bloggs
Another painless, prompt purchase from Daily Vapes

First time I have ordered this pack, but a friend was just starting to vape so I offered to get them a little selection and this seemed like a good choice! I've used Daily Vapes a few times now, and everytime has been received quickly, well packaged and without a problem. The juices themselves are all of good quality but flavours are obviously a personal preference. This pack, and the starter pack are both great value for trying out new flavours :-)

4x60 bundle

Excellent value,Vim billionz was nice same with lime lush, tropikana how ever was not for me but of a weird after taste but overall good would quite possibly use again

WOW love this new flavour

What a great new flavour from Daily Vapes, nice deep sweet butterscotch I love it love it love it.

Thumbs up

Tastes great, nice and buttery. One of my fav's from Daily vapes so far.

Vanilla Custard
Mark Johnson
Vanilla custard

What can I say I always come back to this absolute firm favourite of mine