Rhubarb and Custard E-Liquid - 60ml Shortfill

Rhubarb & Custard

Rhubarb, Custard, Candy

  • ONLY £3.49

Flavour Description
Exactly like the classic rhubarb and custard hard boiled sweet.


Bottle Info

0mg = 60ml bottle filled with 60ml of your chosen flavour. (NO NIC SHOTS)

3mg = 60ml bottle filled with 50ml of your chosen flavour, 1 x 10ml (18mg) nicotine shot. Simply add the full 10ml nicotine shot to your bottle, shake extremely well and then the final bottle will be 60ml at 3mg.

6mg = 60ml bottle filled with 40ml of your chosen flavour, 2 x 10ml (18mg) nicotine shots. Simply add both nicotine shots (2x10ml) to your bottle, shake extremely well and then the final bottle will be 60ml at 6mg.


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Stephen Fox
Great flavour

I've vaped many different types of rhubarb and custard but this is certainly the best tasting 1 so far and at a great price too👍🏻👍🏻

Craig Fennell
Just like the sweets

Fantastic flavour, exactly like the sweets, and 7 bottles for under 20 quid makes it even better, if you like the old fashioned sweets you will love this

I've been looking for this PROPER flavour for several years!

I used to be able to buy a cracking rhubarb and custard flavour several years ago, but then it all went downhill as many of the e-liquid flavour development seemed to think we all wanted full-on custard with a smidgeon of rhubarb flavour (and that smidgeon was if you were lucky). I must have purchased at least 10 different brands of rhubarb and custard flavour and not one came close to that lovely taste you get from the real rhubarb and custard sweets, or the e-liquid I could once buy.

You know the flavour... The flavour where you're firstly hit with a sweet but slightly tart rhubarb flavour followed by the less prominent creamy notes of custard as you roll the boiled sweet around your mouth....

But Daily Vapes - you've done it! This flavour is exactly how it should be! It's full on rhubarb and custard sweets, and the nicest rhubarb and custard I've had in a long, long time. It's perfect! Actually it's more than perfect. If this is how it tastes after a two day steep, I can only imagine a good two week steep!

I found your site by accident and I did look you up on certain vaping forums. There wasn't a lot to be said about you and where I did see comments it was along the lines of "never tried them" or "suspicious number of reviews". Never-the-less, I decided to try you out. If the rest of the liquids I bought to try are anything like this one then I will declare you the best kept secret of uk e-liquid (and by heck they don't half smell good, I can't wait to try them after this little beauty). Stonkingly good prices too.

My two week steep looks likely to be going out of the window, I guess I'll have to order more at pay day!!!

Thanks guys and gals, you've made me very happy!

In my top 5!

"Rhubarb Custard" is in my top 5!

Good flavour

Was'nt expecting much for the price, but pleasantly surprised, it's doesn't match up to nasty juice brand, but will purchase again, superb quality for price 😀

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Fred Bloggs
Another painless, prompt purchase from Daily Vapes

First time I have ordered this pack, but a friend was just starting to vape so I offered to get them a little selection and this seemed like a good choice! I've used Daily Vapes a few times now, and everytime has been received quickly, well packaged and without a problem. The juices themselves are all of good quality but flavours are obviously a personal preference. This pack, and the starter pack are both great value for trying out new flavours :-)

4x60 bundle

Excellent value,Vim billionz was nice same with lime lush, tropikana how ever was not for me but of a weird after taste but overall good would quite possibly use again

WOW love this new flavour

What a great new flavour from Daily Vapes, nice deep sweet butterscotch I love it love it love it.

Thumbs up

Tastes great, nice and buttery. One of my fav's from Daily vapes so far.

Vanilla Custard
Mark Johnson
Vanilla custard

What can I say I always come back to this absolute firm favourite of mine