Ice-cream, Raspberry, Bubblegum

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Flavour Description

Creamy soft whipped ice cream swirled on top of a gumball with lashings of strawberry and raspberry sauce.

Bottle Info

0mg = 60ml bottle filled with 60ml of your chosen flavour. (NO NIC SHOTS)

3mg = 60ml bottle filled with 50ml of your chosen flavour, 1 x 10ml (18mg) nicotine shot. Simply add the full 10ml nicotine shot to your bottle, shake extremely well and then the final bottle will be 60ml at 3mg.

6mg = 60ml bottle filled with 40ml of your chosen flavour, 2 x 10ml (18mg) nicotine shots. Simply add both nicotine shots (2x10ml) to your bottle, shake extremely well and then the final bottle will be 60ml at 6mg.

Customer Reviews

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Not cool again?

I’m one of those capers that doesn’t really do mint or menthol very well so thus far not ordered any with them on the description. But screwball has that annoying cool feel to it that I also am not keen on. For me it spoils what could be a great flavour, it always seems to swamp whatever other flavours there are in any liquid, and this in my humble opinion is no different. It is a good base flavour of sweet fruity ness but the subtlety of the ice cream is a bit lost by that cool sensation. It’s far from unvapable and I’m certain those that do like the cool capes will love it. But it’s just not for me. The team at dailyvapes do an amazing job but I do wish they would say that a juice has the cool in it on their flavour profile.


Had my second order now great tasting and fast delivery

Could be better

Too many reviews saying "great" or "really nice vape" nothing about the actual taste. It's totally spoilt by the minty flavour in it 🤮 yet it doesn't mention this in the product info


Smooth vape love it


Lovely flavour without being over sweet. 1 star off as it's a little too cooling for me but spot on flavour.

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958 reviews

Great vape juice

Brilliant budget juice!

I was over the moon after being recommended this juice by a relative!

I now spend a quarter of what I use to on juice. brilliant price and good quality flavour.

I have been purchasing my juice from daily vapes for over a month now and will never look back!

Amazing flavour and service

Can't recommend this vape liquid enough I've passed on the website to all my friends highly recommend amazing flavour and long lasting.


As most of you are aware a good tasting coffee e liquid is very hard to get right! well I can tell you I've tried what seems like thousands of coffee e liquids that just haven't been right but this one ticks all the boxes. the coffee taste isn't overpowering lightly sweet just beautiful and I cannot put it down I have been vaping this flavour straight from the time I got it. I will be stocking up on this one for sure!! thanks dailyvapes :)

My mistake

The 4 pack offer is a good one but don’t make the same mistake I did and get multiples of it. I got 3 of them so 12 bottles in total. It would be cheaper if I’d just ordered 12 without the deal as I would not have paid any postage whereas in the deal it’s half price or so. My mistake and I’m not blaming dailyvapes at all. I’ll know next time though.